Tips for Plant-Based Living

Over the years, I've learned a lot about maintaining a plant-based diet and the affects on the body. My interest led to me obtaining a Plant Based Nutrition certification from T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. My passion is to truly help people transition to a plant based lifestyle or simple decrease the amount of animal products consumed to aid in overall health.

I don't recommend anyone stop cold turkey, like I did, UNLESS, you know that's the goal and it's what you want to do, without a doubt. So here's 4 tips to help you decrease your consumption of animal products.

  1. Start with what you have at home. Decreasing your consumption of animal products can be a process. You don't have to throw away everything you have in your pantry (unless you want).

  2. Read the labels and create meals from what you have already. Pro tip: every vegan/plant-based product isn't always labeled "vegan." Look for ingredients containing dairy, eggs, butter, milk or meat. Start there.

  3. Make your favorite meals vegan. Find vegan substitutes for the items on your ingredients list and make magic in your kitchen!

  4. Choose 1 meal a week (or a day) to be completely vegan. This one can be really hard because we like to focus on what we can't eat instead of what we can. When you focus on what you can eat, you'll realize there are so many options for you and substituting one meal a week (or a day) will be much easier than you thought!

I hope this gets you (and your family) started on your plant-based journey. Navigating the grocery store aisles still seem daunting? Purchase my Grocery Guide to Vegan.

It gives you product substitutions for some of your favorite animal-based products and some grab and go meals to make eating on-the-go a bit easier.

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