Split Second Decisions

I remember when I decided to be vegetarian. It was a split second decision and I wanted to start on Monday.

I knew, Jasiah's 2nd birthday party was coming up and I didn't have the knowledge or the time to figure out what I'd eat beforehand. So I waited. The weekend leading up to my Monday, I ate all the hot dogs and then, that Sunday, I went to a taco truck with my friends. I ate a steak, a chicken and a shrimp taco. I mean, I was about to give up meat so I needed a variety. Why, you ask?

Well, for as long as I can remember, I've struggle with my weight. I didn't matter what diet I tried, what foods I ate, nothing would work. I might lose, 1-2 pounds here for there but nothing really worked and it was frustrating. At the time, I believed being vegetarian was a sure way to lose weight. I mean, I was giving up meat. To clarify, vegetarians do not eat meat or seafood but still consume eggs and dairy. From what I knew, meat was causing weight gain.

So Monday comes. For breakfast that week, I rotated between overnight oats and yogurt and granola. I ate salads in a jar for lunch and for dinner, I ate Morning Star Farms and veggies. That week, I lost 5 pounds. That's more than I'd lost with dieting and working out. I was stoked! It was working!

Until it wasn't. That next week wasn't as great as the first week. I didn't lose anything. But I was determined. Determined, to figured out how to continue to lose weight. I started googling stuff and looking at Pinterest for recipes. Something had to work.

The more I googled, the more I learned. This continued for weeks. And weeks. I just kept eating, mostly carbs, and researching. Soon, I noticed my asthma and allergies had improved and I didn't have to take meds as often (and later, at all). Though it wasn't the original goal, I was finally able to enjoy being outside without sneezing and scratching my eyes. That was enough for me to continue my journey and eventually make the full transition to vegan.

The benefits of decreasing your meat consumption or transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle are much greater than losing weight alone. If you'd like to explore whether or not a plant-based lifestyle is for you, schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation with me. We can talk about your goals and how you can begin living the life you desire!

To hear more about my transition, check out my YouTube video.

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