Are you kidding me?!

Disclaimer: This is a rant! You've been warned.

As you may know, my son and I wrote a book titled, Mommy, Don't Make Vegan. It's published on Amazon. I periodically check the reviews to see what people are saying about our book. Well, one day, as I'm reading the reviews, I see a 1 star review. I click read more to read the entire message. *insert eye-roll*

Debra, who has not purchased our book, wanted us to know she doesn't think our book is a great example for children. Now, usually, I wouldn't give this any attention but this is the very reason I do what I do.

Veganism isn't the ONLY way to show empathy. Let me be clear, just in case you're wondering, I'm not angry. I simply struggle with vegan who care more about animals than people. Every vegan isn't vegan for the animals, though animals are impacted when we decide not to eat animal based products. These days, vegan, plant-based and whole food plant-based (WFPB) are used synonymously. But that's a conversation for another day.

My point is this, people choose veganism for different reasons. People choose not to be vegan for different reasons. Neither of those groups are wrong. I am vegan. My son is not. I will NEVER shame him for making food decisions that he thinks are best for him. I will ALWAYS educate him on his choices so he can make informed decisions.

If you are vegan reading this, please be nice. People would be more likely to transition to a plant-based lifestyle if we were as empathetic to people, as we are to animals. And if they aren't, that's ok, too. Either way, purchase our book to share with the non-vegans in your world.

If you're not vegan and you'd like a nonjudgmental way to learn more about maintaining a vegan lifestyle, schedule a FREE 15 minute chat with me. Otherwise, purchase our book and support me and the kiddo. Thanks!!

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