A Leap into the Unknown

Entrepreneurship isn't always easy. Especially when you find yourself in situations you can't always control. Last year, 2021, I took the leap into full-time entrepreneurship, after much prayer and direction from God. I wasn't sure what the future held but I knew who held my future and I fully trusted Him with it. Shortly afterwards, I learned I had a brain condition called Chiari 1 Malformation. I wasn't prepared for this moment, at all. I didn't know where it would take me or what business would be like moving forward. I knew, because I was leaving my 12 year career, I wouldn't have medical insurance for a while. That was scary.

Again, I trusted God for wherever He would lead me. I had to put the surgery off for 5 months, knowing, in the back of my mind, that any sudden movement could result in complete paralysis, according to my doctor. However, during that time, I chose to continue business as is and work on a plan for my down time. That's when our book, Mommy, Don't Make Me Vegan was created. This book is a conversation between my son, Jasiah, and I helping him better understand a plant-based lifestyle while giving him the choice to decide what he eats.

While my journey hasn't been an easy one, it's been the most rewarding. I created a video for my subscribers to watch to understand what was happening with me. Check it out!

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