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About Us

Bringing 100% vegan goodness, straight to your door

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Tarekia Nicole, CEO of plant-based education and meal experience company, Don’t Make Me Vegan, LLC (DMMV), began her journey towards choosing healthier food options nearly a decade ago. 


Certified through American biochemist T. Colin Campbell’s Center for Nutrition Studies, Tarekia, through DMMV, has introduced plant-based meal services such as meal preparation, nutritional consulting and meal planning to hundreds of homes in the Memphis and Mid-South region. Helping her clients to see successes like weight loss and lowered A1C levels and blood pressure, Tarekia’s goal is as stated in her company’s unique moniker — not to make anyone a vegan. Instead, she works to creatively educate families through children's books and make flavorful, convenient vegan food options, vegan cookies included,  easily attainable.

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