All About Me

Hey friends, it’s me, Tarekia Nicole! Welcome to my site! I am currently a single mom of the handsome young man in the photo. Jasiah is 7 years old and my absolute favorite person on this side of eternity. He’s the very reason I transitioned to a vegan lifestyle. In 2015, I decided to stop eating meat because I wanted to lose weight. That didn’t quite work in my favor but I enjoyed the health benefits of removing meat. In 2017, we found out Jasiah had a dairy allergy. Overnight, I went from mildly understanding vegetarianism to having no idea of what to eat. 


Most people love to ask how I helped Jasiah with his transition to vegan. The answer is easy: I didn’t. Jasiah isn’t vegan and I don’t enforce it. I mostly allow him to choose what he desires to eat, although I will not cook meat in our home. He has a few vegan favorites that we rotate and I allow him eggs. When others visit or he’s hanging with his Mimi or his favorite adult friends, he’s allowed to eat whatever his heart desires as long as there is no dairy (or soy).


After finding out about Jasiah’s allergy, I had to do much research and label reading. It was such a task and made for very long grocery trips but alas, we survived! The desire to achieve my goals through budgeting led to lots of creativity in the kitchen. Through that creativity, Don’t Make Me Vegan™, LLC was born! 


Ever since I’ve launched this project, I’ve gained a loyal following and an even deeper passion to share my knowledge of vegan eats with you. To see what I’ve been up to, browse my site  and learn about my passion for food, while exploring what excites and interests you as well.

My Philosophy

A vegan lifestyle isn't for everyone but the health benefits of decreasing animal products and by-products can be. Vegan food doesn't have to lose it's flavor. It can be easily fit into your lifestyle, make your taste buds dance and be convenient. Don't just take my word for it, try it out!