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If you've been looking for an easy way to transition into the world of plant-based eating then look no further. Don't Make Me Vegan has taken me from a carnivore to an herbivore with little to no effort. There are so many meals that will have you forgetting that its all plants but your body will reap all the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. My skin and my mind has gotten much clearer, I feel great, I sleep great and I'm even down 30 lbs. since I started about 6 months ago. I was a little skeptical at first but there's so much flavor in these meals that I had to become a regular. Don't Make Me Vegan definitely made me one...
-Lloyd S.

I absolutely love the meals prepared by Don't make me vegan! The jackfruit tacos and vegan chocolate chip cookies are to die for!! I am not vegan, but can absolutely see myself thinking about it. I enjoy the option to increase the amount of fresh veggies and decrease meat in my diet. Give it a try and I guarantee you won't regret it! 
Carla S.

Oh my goodness this food is sooo tasty and delicious and makes you wanna lick your fingers off...Tarekia cooks her food with love and her heart is certainly in the services she provides..
Bewindi B.

Where do I start? I have been between vegan  and pescitarian and vegetarian roughly 4 years.  I finally decided in 2019 to be fully committed to veganisim. Fast forward to 2020 I was cooking too much and not eating all that I've cooked because I was full so one day I shared my food with my neighbor and she asked did I know Dont Make Me Vegan and I said no send me her information on IG.  I followed and liked the meals I was seeing because they were healthy meals and Soy free! Don't make me vegan has helped this busy mom, teacher, wife, and athlete maintain a healthy weight with the right amount of flavor, nutrition and portions. Oh yeah, I have a mean sweet tooth and love the cookies and so does my family. You will not be disappointed!

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